Mathews Beach Park - 37.4 Miles

I took the morning lazy and ate plenty of carbs (cheerios). I bought some more Gaterade mix and slightly dilluted it such that the rush of sugar wouldn’t give me cramps. I got to Marymoor at about 12:45 and took a practice lap around K-lot, and then stretched out. As I started out on the trail my legs were kind of tight so I kept at a steady 70rpm until they loosened up. At about 3 miles in I decided I I was loose enough to start riding normally (plus the crowds started thinning out). I cruised up to Woodenville and took a quick break to stretch out my back further and chug half the Gaterade. When I started again I was feeling really well and started cruising at 16mph. When I got to Bothell I was relieved to see that they were done working on a bridge that made cyclists dismount before going under. At this point some couple and I started leap-frogging eachother every mile or so. One we got to the other side of the Sammamish river and past the hills it started getting more crowded, so a paceline formed for about a mile and as soon as the passing traffic thinned out I went ahead and passed everyone. I went down threw the tunnels to bipass the traffic lights and then cruised to Logboom Park which is where I was going to terminate that portion of the ride and turn around to go home, but I wanted to get water first and the park was closed for renovations. So I drink another quarter of the Gaterade and at aboutthis time that couple I was leap-frogging for awhile caught up, but the rest of that group was missing. So I hopped back on the trail and started around the lake towards Seattle. This is by far my favorite portion of the trail. The Redmond->Kenmore portion isn’t very shady, and the Sun tends to get to me. So a few miles later I caught up to some guy my age and we rode together for a good four or five miles and then I went on ahead. I reached Mathews Beack Park and took a seat in the shade and chugged the rest of the Gaterade.

18.7 miles down.

The way back was some of the best cycling I’ve done in years. From Mathews Beach Park to Woodenville I stopped only once to take a swallow of water. During this interval my low speed was 17mph and my high speed was 19mph. I and three other cyclists started leap frogging eachother due to a couple traffic lights that we couldn’t bipass by going under. We got seperated near the Interstate viaduct madness that connects I-5 and SR-522. I took a quick break in Woodenville and started off again going 18mph. My speed variance for the next six miles was between 18-20mph. I’m not certain why but the more I rode the better I was feeling and doing–until about 1.5 miles from getting back to Marymoor: my thighs started to cramp. Woops. I eased down to 15mph through Redmond and got back to the car and stretched out.

Wildlife Encounters: Nothing to report.

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