Bothell Ride - 21 miles

I took a tad shorter ride to Bothell today. My glutious maximus was getting sore, so even though I had planned to get over to Kenmore, it didn’t happen. I lucked out at the parking lot, as a guy who had just gotten done cycling gave me his parking ticket, thus saving me $1. On the way out I forget to stretch so I took it slow initially so that I wouldn’t pull anything. A couple miles in I decided to pase myself at 16mph, in a slightly high gear so as to build up muscle. This worked out until some guy who looked like an amateur racer passed me, he was going roughly 20 mph, and as usual getting passed got me fired up and I shifted down one gear and took off after him. I kept on his tail for two miles, going 19mph. He lost me near a train track overpass in Woodinville, and I slowed down considerably to catch my breath. They’re still working on this overpass in Bothell that requires cyclists to dismount and walk for about 75 meters. I almost turned around there since I only planned on going down the path another mile to a bridge over the Sammamish river. Well, I kept going and took a little break in the middle of the bridge and watched some birds for while (noted below).

On the way back I zipped by some fogies who hadn’t made it a mile since I went by them the first time. I’m only mentoning this because the trip back was uneventful. I zipped along at 15-17mph and made a game out of trying to keep my line as straight as possible. When I made it back to Marymoor I was rather tired, and could only go 11mph. I don’t know why, but I have strange periods of fatigue and then sudden bursts of extreme energy. Who knows.. I should look into it at

Wildlife Encounter: I saw the Roosters on the trail, then several kinds of Ducks, Pigeons and an American White Pelican in the Sammamish River. They were dunking themselves in the water (flipping over so their feet stuck up and heads were under).

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