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A Final Ride

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006

Man, I got a lot of riding done over the past month. Without getting into specifics, I’ve ridden on both sides of this continent, and have done more work on my technique. I rewired my cadence meter, such that you can’t even tell that the wire is there. Time consuming and tricky, for sure, but it looks 100% better. I didn’t get new tires, instead I’m going to hold off until the 2007’s come out.

I went for a little ride around the city yesterday in the afternoon. The weather had started to change the day before, and fall was definatly in the air. As I was riding I was thinking it may very well be my last outside ride of the year. Then it dawned on me–it would be my last ride in Ellensburg, since I’m graduating in a few short wintery months. The ride went pretty smoothly until my seat started tilting backwards–oops, forgot to tighten it.. So there it was, my ‘final ride’ went out on a bit of a sour note ;D I have to go again even if it’s around the block.

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