A Final Ride

Man, I got a lot of riding done over the past month. Without getting into specifics, I’ve ridden on both sides of this continent, and have done more work on my technique. I rewired my cadence meter, such that you can’t even tell that the wire is there. Time consuming and tricky, for sure, but it looks 100% better. I didn’t get new tires, instead I’m going to hold off until the 2007’s come out.

I went for a little ride around the city yesterday in the afternoon. The weather had started to change the day before, and fall was definatly in the air. As I was riding I was thinking it may very well be my last outside ride of the year. Then it dawned on me–it would be my last ride in Ellensburg, since I’m graduating in a few short wintery months. The ride went pretty smoothly until my seat started tilting backwards–oops, forgot to tighten it.. So there it was, my ‘final ride’ went out on a bit of a sour note ;D I have to go again even if it’s around the block.

[Post lobbed in half so I can get this post out quicker]

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  1. Maker Says:

    Horray for lobbing! I forgot at first you are limited by weather during this term you describe as ‘winter’. It is a strange concept for those of us living in the middle of a vast wasteland of a desert, our only source of water an aquaduct with which we steal water from the Northerners.

  2. Brad Says:

    Heh, if there is one thing we have too much of it’s rain! Actually I love the rain–and I tend not to mind riding in it if it’s still warm out. It’s when it’s in the 30s/40s and drizzling that gets to me.

    Luckily I have a trainer I ride on, but I’m finding that I can’t really ride it in my current apartment since the floor sort of amplifies the vibrations and is awfully annoying.

  3. Maker Says:

    You get ’snow’ there as well, yes? I’ve seen it. Even risked my life on two sticks of unknown composition at death-defying speeds. I know it exists in some northern places, or some high altitude places.

  4. Brad Says:

    We do get snow here in Ellensburg, but back home in Seattle it’s a bit more rare. We’ll go two or three years between snow events, and they basically shut the city down since the county doesn’t have the equipment to deal with it. Well, they do, but it’s all over in North Bend and Snoqualmie Pass, so it takes awhile.

    Also, it’s not smart to drive in the snow around here. Not so much because you can’t do it, but because other people have no clue how to handle it. Not like back in Iowa where everyone is so used to it that it’s almost a non-event.

  5. Maker Says:

    Ah.I saw a very thin layer of snow last time I was in Oregon. I’m going to move there and become a hippy. They still have those there right? Did they get all run out of town and into Eugene?

  6. Brad Says:

    I don’t even know anymore.. I think the anarchists live in Eugene, though.

  7. Maker Says:

    Is there any way we can contain them and keep them there?

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