On the Engine - Part I

First I’d like to mention that I ported the engine to Linux, and FreeBSD. A Mac OS X port is feasible, but I don’t have access to one, so I will have to work with someone to get something out. I’ve settled on using the Portable Network Graphic (PNG) for all artwork and Ogg Vorbis for all audio. Both formats are Free Software, and very easy to use on all platforms. PNG’s have the added bonus of supporting an alpha channel. This will allow artists to specify the opacity of each pixel, rather than marking pixels that ought to be completely transparent with pink, which is what was done in the old code using bitmaps.

I’ve been doing a bit of R&D on the engine. Unfortunately my time has been cut short since my motherboard stopped working properly, and I had to RMA it. That said, I’ve thrown out most of the code that was in the previous version I released and have been rewriting it using a different approach which is already paying off.

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