Cycling Summation -> [January to Mid-March]

So I’ve been riding a lot since January. Most of which has been inside on my trainer. January went well enough–did some base training, spinning at 80rpm for a hour each ride. Sometime in early February there was a nice day, so I loaded my roadie up and split for the park. About a mile and a half in, my seat suddenly tilted back about 50 degrees, nearly sending me into my back tire and a position I’m certain is not good for males. Luckily as I tilted back I was able to stand up on my pedals quick enough, so I unclipped and tried adjusting the seat clamp with my allen wrench. Well the darn thing was in poor shape and needed replacement.

So I ordered a new seat post, and seat post clamp. That bicycle came with some crappy parts from Ritchey that were very sub par. I’ve actually been struggling with the seat post since I got the bike. So anyway, it took about two and a half weeks for that stuff to arrive. In the meantime I bought a book on bicycle repair, read it, and started in on my own maintenance. Most of the book was pretty obvious, I guess, but it has nice blow-out pictures of all parts, so when you’re putting something back together you at least have a reference. Anyway, as soon as everything was kosher again, I went for a nice spin on a rainy day. The construction up in Bothell was just coming to a close, and the Roosters were out and cawing as always. Anyway, I bonked on the way back and then it started raining. The next few rides were just peachy–nothing really to report.

At this point a cold snap hit and all my riding was inside again. That started getting boring, so I stopped riding for a week and a half, then the weather got really nice for a few days. On the first ride I was cruising at 21mph for nine miles, then seventeen until I saw a stray dog down the road. As you may know, I had an ‘issue’ with some dogs awhile back, so I wussed out and turned around. Next ride went well. Really nothing to report.

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