2007 Book List

Here’s my yearly list of books that I’ve read. I’ve put the titles I think people ought to read in bold.

[1] The Soul of a New Machine
[2] Zinn and the Art of Road Bicycle Maintenance
[3] Learning GNU Emacs
[4] The Diamond Age
[5] Snowcrash
[6] The Pleasure of Finding Things Out
[7] Mona Lisa Overdrive
[8] The Urth of the New Sun
[9] Dreaming in Code
[10] Positively False
[11] Managing Humans
[12] The Pragmatic Programmer
[13] Practical Common Lisp
[14] Hackers and Painters
[15] The Cathedral and the Bazarre
[16] On the Road
[17] The Mythical Man Month
[18] The Knight
[19] The Wizard
[20] Memory as a Programming Concept in C/C++
[21] True Names and the Opening of the Cyberspace Frontier
[22] Revelation Space
[23] Outdoor Survival Skills

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