I’ve been enjoying a screencast put out by Eric Normand over the past month and a half. The topic that he’s been covering is programming in Common Lisp (which I’ve been studying for a few months now). During each episode, Eric works on a Reddit clone in CL, using freely available libraries such as Hunchentoot (a webserver written in lisp) and CLSQL. He also takes time to develop unit tests using Selenium, so that as he iteratively adds to the program, he is able to make sure that all functionality stays in tact.

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  1. Dustin Hubbard Says:

    Hey sir!

    Thanks for the congrats :) Working on a DQ Wiki now but that’s just begun. Have you heard about it at all? Haven’t worked on games in awhile but definitely plan to revisit it. Will just do it for fun now though instead of for a business. What have you been up to?

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