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Logitech Wave Keyboard

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

I purchased a Logitech Wave Keyboard a little over a month ago. My old keyboard, an original Microsoft Natural that I had been using since 1999 was so old that parts of it stopped working, and then started again. Since when I purchase things like this, I tend to make them long term investments, I went to a couple stores and tried typing phantom paragraphs on each and every keyboard that they had on display. The Wave felt the most comfortable to me, and I nearly purchased it on the spot, but two exceptions were thrown: 1) It was cordless, and I don’t like the idea of having to replace batteries in a keyboard, something which probably won’t be moved, and 2) keyboards in stores these days come bundled with a mouse, which raises the price about $60. So I turned to Newegg, who had a cord version without a mouse. With shipping it cost approximately $40.

I had been using an ergonomic keyboard for roughly nine years. The kind with the gigantic split in the middle so that your hands allign with the keys more naturally (at about a 40 degree angle, rather than straight on). The Logitech Wave is able to accomplish this same feat without a split. Instead Logitech spent a couple years engineering the keyboard into a wave shape. The Wave also has a built in wristpad that keeps the head of your Ulna obtaining a pinkish hue due to all the sliding around. It also features a number of macro keys for volume, and standard applications. Luckily all of those features are rebindable, so I can launch Emacs instead of Word, and Gimp instead of Photoshop.

To keep this brief (I don’t want to mull too long about a keyboard) , the Logitech Wave is a worthy buy if you’re looking for a new keyboard.